Dear Friends of CSA,

Before any of us makes a cross-country trip, for business or pleasure, we likely make plans: driving routes, lodging reservations, a routine check-up of the car, or detailed flight itineraries.

In the same way, every congregation embarks on a journey each year. That journey involves some planning for ministry, and we hope, undertaking new challenges. This year we asking our members and supporters to ask themselves, “What percentage of my income is God calling me to give to support the ministries of CSA Church?”

Your gifts enable us to continue to: honor God, fulfill our purpose, and bless others. 

As we work to share the love of our Lord with others, your pledges and your gifts help us to make a difference in the lives we touch. Giving is NOT about fulfilling the Church’s budget needs; it is about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and your commitment to serve others.

Why Pledge?

pledge is your personal commitment to provide a set amount of financial support to the programs, ministries, and day-to-day operating costs of Christ’s Church. By pledging, you are demonstrating a conscious commitment to give back to God a “First Fruits Portion” of the gifts God has so graciously given to you. Your gifts provide for all of our ministries...ministries that change lives.

Your pledge allows us to realistically budget our expenses and ministry. In fact, the entire operation of the church depends on the financial contributions of its members and supporters. This includes all of the expenses of the church, such as: property, utilities, salaries, maintenance, programs, mission, and worship services. We are dependent totally on your contributions.

Click here to download a chart that will help you to calculate your pledged gift. Remember, this pledge is a commitment between you and God. If at any time your situation changes and you need to decrease or want to increase your pledge, just pick up a new pledge card and send it to the church office.


Your Stewardship Team