BPP Announcement Letter


March 27, 2018

Greetings to the friends and members of Concord-St. Andrews:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the inauguration of a new nursery school concept for our church.  Beginning this fall, Concord-St. Andrews will be hosting an all day, twelve-month, week day, Christian nursery school!

Yesterday evening, our Church Council unanimously passed the following motion:  "Accept, as part of the CSA ministry and mission, a three-year rental contract with Bethesda Preparatory Preschool, for space to house a weekday Christian nursery school at CSA.  This nursery school will work in close cooperation with the CSA Weekday Ministries Board."

As background, and as some of you are already aware, our church's many attempts to modify the current nursery school program to reflect a more Christian orientation have come to an impasse.  While greatly disappointed that we could not reach an agreement with the CSA Cooperative Nursery School, we believe we have identified a superb replacement which is more in keeping with our church's mission and ministry.  Since the new nursery school will begin this fall we will not have any interruption in program. With the support of our Weekday Ministries Board and the new leadership and teachers, we anticipate a seamless transition.  A fully implemented Christian nursery school has been a dream for many of us for a long time.  Now it is happening.  As details emerge, we will keep you informed. 

After last night's vote, the two new directors of Bethesda Preparatory Preschool, Ms. Sonia Baker and Ms. Melissa Valladares, and our Trustee Chair Ann Williams, signed the three-year agreement.  We certainly echo what Ms. Baker said after the signing, "We believe that this three-year contract is only the beginning!"

Look for photos of last night's proceedings which will soon be posted on the church's web site.

Special thanks to Rev. Sue, Church Secretary Marie LeDuc, Weekday Ministries Chair Val Gendleman, and Trustees Chair Ann Williams, all of whom shepherded what Pamn Klinedinst described as "a Spirit-led" project.

If there is any doubt in your mind:  Yes, this is a big deal!

Truly a wonderful gift to our church for Holy Week,

Harvey Wise
Chair, Church Council, CSA